Find. Make sure. Delete.

Aya is a well-designed tool that helps you take control over your large files
and get rid of the useless ones.

Current version is 0.10.4BETA. Looking for older releases?

For Windows 7 or later. Installer supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Aya has necessary and sufficient functionality to reveal which files and folders waste your space and get rid of them and their duplicates. Simple yet powerful, Aya satisfies not only home users, but also professionals.


Big files are prioritized

Aya gives you a simple and clear overview of the largest space wasters by organising them in top lists. No more bloated pies-and-charts. Just see what takes much space and delete what you don't need.


Built-in duplicate finder

App has a fully-featured duplicate finder that allows you to fight with real space invaders – duplicates. Make a fast search that is usually enough to discover duplicates or make a byte-to-byte check in one click to be absolutely confident. Duplicate folders can be wiped away as well if you say so. There is no need to worry, Aya will make sure that the original file is kept safe.



You are used to work this way. Why change this? No need. Just press Del to move the file to the Recycle Bin or Shift + Del to delete the file permanently. Aya uses native API to delete files. Even more, Aya controls your Recycle Bin settings to prevent files from being deleted quietly.


Advanced filters

Focus on the most interesting. Aya lets you perform type filtering. You can easily choose documents only, or music and video content and so on. Start with simple predefined filters and continue with the filter sets you've created.


Multiple scan locations

Double click on the disk you want to scan, or switch to the advanced mode and select specific folders on the disk, as many as you want. You can specify a whole set of scanning locations on different disks. Aya works both with whole disks and specific folders or any combination of them.

Automatic updates

You no longer need to open your browser to download the new version. When the update is available, it will be installed automatically next time you start Aya. If you like the latest stuff, you can always switch to beta in a couple of clicks.

Duplicate folders

On deleting duplicates, empty folders can remain on the disk. In most cases, they are not needed. Aya has a nice feature to see these folders and completely get rid of them if you want.

Recycle Bin

Aya monitors the Recycle Bin settings and tells you whether a file will be placed in the Recycle Bin or permanently deleted. See the space occupied by the Recycle Bin and empty it directly from Aya.

Feedback reporting

Do you have an idea how to improve Aya? Have you caught some bug? Your feedback will be super helpful. We've simplified the delivery of your feedback as much as we could. Write us directly in the app.

Scan warnings

Some files cannot be processed due to lack of permissions or simply because they are excluded by user preferences. Aya collects this stuff in one place. This is also taken into account when deleting folders. No hidden data will be deleted accidentally.

Carefully crafted UI

We're convinced that UI is crucial. That's why every piece of Aya is crafted with pixel precision. No inconsistent controls and colors! Discover that you can not only work with the app, but also enjoy the process.

Start cleaning up your disks today

Find the files that take up a lot of disk space, find duplicates, make sure they are no longer needed, and delete them in seconds.